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Viewpoint entropy is a metric that allows measuring the visibility goodness of a scene from a camera position. In this work, we analyze different software and hardware assisted techniques to compute the viewpoint entropy. The main objective of this study is to identify which of these techniques can be used in real time for 3D scenes of high complexity. Our(More)
Meshes used in real-time applications are usually composed of sub-meshes which contain vertices with different sets of attributes. This kind of mesh cannot be used directly in the current graphics pipeline architecture because meshes for interactive applications usually duplicate vertices to ensure that every vertex has a single set of attributes. This fact(More)
Nowadays computer graphics hardware presents a series of characteristics , such as AGP memory, vertex cache, etc., that can be used for real-time rendering. The aim of this paper is to conduct a comparative study of different techniques that are shown in the OpenGL graphics standard together with hardware features that enable the visualization of the(More)