Pascaline Juliette Le Gouar

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The little owl (Athene noctua) has declined significantly in many parts of Europe, including the Netherlands. To understand the demographic mechanisms underlying their decline, we analysed all available Dutch little owl ringing data. The data set spanned 35 years, and included more than 24,000 ringed owls, allowing detailed estimation of survival rates(More)
BACKGROUND Emerging infectious diseases in wildlife are major threats for both human health and biodiversity conservation. Infectious diseases can have serious consequences for the genetic diversity of populations, which could enhance the species' extinction probability. The Ebola epizootic in western and central Africa induced more than 90% mortality in(More)
Estimating demographic parameters in rare species is challenging because of the low number of individuals and their cryptic behaviour. One way to address this challenge is to gather data from several regions or years through mark-release-recapture (MRR) and radio-tracking monitoring. However, the comparison of demographic estimates obtained using these(More)
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