Pascalia Ozida Munyewende

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We present qualitative data from a 2005 exploratory study, recently published studies, and an analysis of the Department of Health's strategic plan to highlight the need for a broader policy debate on health-care access for migrants in South Africa. We conducted in-depth interviews with 15 Zimbabwean women living in inner-city Johannesburg to document the(More)
BACKGROUND Nurses constitute the majority of the health workforce in South Africa and they play a major role in providing primary health care (PHC) services. Job satisfaction influences nurse retention and successful implementation of health system reforms. This study was conducted in light of renewed government commitment to reforms at the PHC level, and(More)
BACKGROUND South Africa is at present undertaking a series of reforms to transform public health services to make them more effective and responsive to patient and provider needs. A key focus of these reforms is primary care and its overburdened, somewhat dysfunctional and hierarchical nature. This comparative case study examines how patients and providers(More)
BACKGROUND South Africa is on the brink of another wave of major health system reforms that underscore the centrality of primary health care (PHC). Nursing managers will play a critical role in these reforms. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to explore the work experiences of PHC clinic nursing managers through the use of reflective diaries, a method(More)
BACKGROUND Managerial competencies to enhance individual and organisational performance have gained currency in global efforts to strengthen health systems. Competent managers are essential in the implementation of primary health care (PHC) reforms that aim to achieve universal health coverage. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the competencies of PHC clinic nursing(More)
BACKGROUND The majority of health care users in South Africa utilise primary health care (PHC) services where these services are free at the point of entry. There is a dearth of knowledge on the factors influencing patient satisfaction with PHC clinic services. AIM This study compared patient satisfaction with PHC services in the Free State (FS) and(More)
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