Pascale Zaraté

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Nowadays, context management solutions in ambient networks are well-known. However, with the IoT paradigm, ambient information is not anymore the only source of context. Context management solutions able to address multiple network scales ranging from ambient networks to the Internet of Things (IoT) are required. We present the INCOME project whose goal is(More)
The management system of the boilers combustion is one of the most critical systems for the good functioning of GLZ-I oil plant. It has a high impact on the methods of cogitation and apprehension of various problems related to maintenance. It is a multiparticipant process with high level of interactivity. In this work we consider the paradigm of distributed(More)
Our purpose is to improve the design of Decision Support Systems (DSS), Knowledge Base Systems (KBS) and Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS). To achieve this goal we define life-cycle processes of designing DSS and the actors they involved. We would like to provide support to knowledge engineers at the beginning of the process. This paper presents a(More)
Agents are designed to be autonomous problem-solvers, possibly communicating with other agents and users, and are therefore equipped with sufficient cognitive abilities to reason about a domain, make certain types of decisions themselves, and perform the associated actions. In this paper, we propose to integrate agents in a Cooperative Intelligent Decision(More)
Nowadays privacy in ambient system is a real issue. Users will have to control their data more and more in the future. Current security systems don't support a strong constraint: policy writers are non-technical users and not security experts. We propose in this paper to use Decision Support techniques and more specifically Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis(More)
Energy planning is a complex issue because of its multi-scale and multicriteria issues. In this contribution, a prospective analysis on the development of a multi-level and multicriteria decision-making structure dedicated to energy planning is developed. This analysis is based on an examination of the specificity of the energy supply chain as well as a(More)