Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet

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Large scale distributed systems like Grid gather several characteristics making them difficult to study only from theoretical models and simulators. Most of Grid deployed at large scale are production platforms making them inappropriate research tools because of their limited reconfig-uration, control and monitoring capabilities. In this paper , we present(More)
GEYSERS aims at defining an end-to-end network architecture that offers a novel planning, provisioning and operational framework for optical network and IT infrastructure providers and operators. In this framework, physical infrastructure resources (network and IT) are dynamically partitioned to virtual resources and then composed into a Virtual(More)
The deployment of large scale grids generates new challenges in system and network monitoring. Users and distributed applications need to access logical and up to date information on sites reachability, links performances and services availability. In this paper, we propose a presentation model suitable for grid environments, and we present the tool(More)
Data grid applications require often an access to infrastructures with high performance data movement facilities coordinated with computational resources. Other applications need interconnections of large scale instruments with HPC platforms. In these context, dynamic provisioning of customized computing and networking infrastructure as well as resource(More)
— Tight coordination of resource allocation among end points in Grid networks often requires a data mover service to transfer a voluminous dataset from one site to another in a specified time interval. With flexibility at its best, the transfer can start from any time after its arrival, use any and even time variant bandwidth value, as long as it is(More)
While grid computing reaches further to geographically separated clusters, data warehouses , and disks, it poses demanding requirements on end-to-end performance guarantee. Its pre-defined destinations and service criteria ease the performance control; however, expensive resources and equipments used by grid applications determine that optimal resource(More)
After the seminal work by Taqqu et al. relating self-similarity to heavy-tailed distributions, a number of research articles verified that aggregated Internet traffic time series show self-similarity and that Internet attributes, like Web file sizes and flow lengths, were heavy-tailed. However, the validation of the theoretical prediction relating(More)