Pascale Sanchez

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Sirs: Paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis (PEM) is often associated with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and positive anti-Hu antibodies (also called ANNA-1 and Type IIa antibodies) in serum and cerebrospinal fluid CSF [3, 4]. Anti-Hu antibodies react with a family of RNA-binding proteins expressed in the nervous system and SCLC. The possible autoimmune(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve understanding of the hemodynamic status of patients with sepsis by nursing teams through the attainment of hemodynamic parameters using a pentaxial "target" diagram as a clinical tool. Parameters include cardiac index (CI), arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2), mean arterial pressure (MAP), arterial blood lactate, and central venous oxygen(More)
Spermatogenesis is a complex cellular process regulated by gonadotrophins and local cell-cell interactions. Stem cell factor (SCF) is one of the paracrine factors, produced by the Sertoli cells, involved in the local regulation of spermatogenesis. Measurement of its testicular level is important for addressing its role in testis physiopathology. However,(More)
To study atherogenesis markers in patients with stage 5D chronic kidney disease (CKD-5D) on hemodialysis to determine which parameters are modified and whether their behavior differ between male and female patients of similar age. Total cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, total proteins, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, oxidative modification of(More)
Testosterone (T) is known to play an important masculinizing role in the developing brain of rat, including the regulation of 5α-reductase (5α-R) isozymes. However, the effects of dihydrotesterone (DHT), a more potent androgen than T, have not been elucidated. In this study, DHT was administered from day 5 through day 20 of postnatal life (period of(More)
Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is an important hair disorder, especially when young women are affected. However, pharmacological treatments are not successful in all women. Androgens, especially dihydrotestosterone (DHT), may play a role in FPHL, but many women with this disorder have normal serum androgen levels. It therefore appears that hair follicle(More)
UNLABELLED Mutations within the genetic Rh system can produce partial deletions of one or more epitope of the D antigen, known as incomplete D. These people, classified Rh positive, are capable of producing anti-D antibodies when exposed to D positive red blood cells (rbcs). We describe the study of a Rh positive, 34 year old, spanish-indian ("mestiza")(More)
BACKGROUND Sertoli cells nurse germ cells during spermatogenesis, and alterations of Sertoli cell functions have been suggested in cases of spermatogenic failures. METHODS In this work, we measured stem cell factor (SCF) and clusterin mRNA levels, by quantitative RT-PCR, in RNA extracted from testicular biopsies of 49 azoospermic patients classified(More)
The effect of chronic salt loading (10 g of NaCl for a period of 7 days) on urinary dopamine release has been investigated in 3 groups of beagle dogs: normotensive dogs (group 1: n = 7), and 2 groups of dogs made hypertensive by chronic sinoaortic denervation [group 2: (n = 6) during the first 4 months after sinoaortic denervation i.e. a model of arterial(More)
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