Pascale Nesme

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We report on two women presenting with cough and fever, 4 and 7 months, respectively, after starting breast radiation therapy following surgery for breast carcinoma. Chest roentgenogram and computed tomographic (CT) scan demonstrated alveolar opacities, initially limited to the pulmonary area next to the irradiated breast, but later migrating within both(More)
INTRODUCTION Diagnosis of peritoneal tuberculosis (pTB) is difficult, even in developed countries, where data are lacking. The aim of the present study was to describe the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and bacterial epidemiology of pTB in France over a 10-year period. METHODS A retrospective study was conducted on pTB in two university hospitals in(More)
We report a case of epithelioid granulomatous allergic lung disease in a patient given intra-bladder BCG therapy for treatment of a tumor. This uncommon complication is sometimes related to bacterial dissemination or to an immunoallegic reaction occurring from the third to eigth week after onset of the instillation. Clinically, the patient presents a(More)
BACKGROUND The Stewart approach theorizes that plasma pH depends on P(aCO₂), the strong ion difference, and the plasma total concentration of non-volatile weak acids (A(tot)). The conventional approach measures standardized base excess, bicarbonate (HCO₃⁻), and the anion gap. OBJECTIVE To describe acid-base disorders with the Stewart approach and the(More)
Docetaxel, a new chemotherapeutic agent, has demonstrated activity in non-small cell lung cancer and breast cancer. Toxicities associated with treatment using docetaxel include hypersensitivity reactions and fluid retention, which can be prevented by pretreatment with corticosteroids. We describe herein two cases of acute interstitial pneumonitis after(More)
INTRODUCTION We report the case of a patient suffering from disseminated actinomycosis. CASE REPORT A fifty-two year old man, who was both a heavy smoker and an alcoholic, was admitted to hospital with confusion associated with a pseudo-tumoral right upper lobe pneumonia. Brain computed tomography was normal on the day of admission but when repeated(More)
BACKGROUND Breathlessness is the most common symptom limiting exercise in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Exercise training can improve both exercise tolerance and health status in these patients, intensity of exercise being of key importance. Nevertheless, in these patients extreme breathlessness and/or peripheral muscle fatigue(More)
Background: With Stewart approach, pH depends on strong ion difference (SIDe), PaCO2 and non volatile weak acids (Atot). This approach might detect complex acid-base disorders undetected by conventional approach. We designed this study to describe acid-base disorders with both Stewart and conventional approaches and to compare the diagnostic performance in(More)
BACKGROUND The use of domiciliary non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) is still controversial in stable hypercapnic COPD. METHODS Records of COPD patients who received home NIPPV from 1990 to 2002 either following an acute exacerbation or because of stable hypercapnia were retrospectively reviewed. RESULTS Thirty-seven patients receiving(More)
We report a case of multisystemic sarcoidosis with adenopathy, skin and respiratory involvements, which have a prolonged evolution. After 3 years with corticosteroid and synthetic antimalarial drugs treatment, the patient have a new skin and pseudo-tumoral pulmonary development, which have a spontaneous regression. Few month later, he developed a malignant(More)