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CONTEXT Pendred syndrome is caused by mutations in the gene coding for pendrin, an apical Cl-/I- exchanger. OBJECTIVE To analyze intrathyroidal compensatory mechanisms when pendrin is lacking, we investigated the thyroid of a patient with Pendred syndrome. The expression of proteins involved in thyroid hormone synthesis, markers of oxidative stress (OS),(More)
With the goal of measuring precise gamma-ray intensities for short-lived (< 5 s) accelerator-produced activities, we have calibrated the efficiency of an HPGe detector between 53 and 1836keV to sub-percent precision with a combination of source measurements and Monte Carlo calculations. Using known or independently measured detector dimensions, we have(More)
The adhesion of poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) rubber is largely improved by oxygen plasma surface treatment. The thickness of the silica-like surface layer is characterized by performing transmission electron microscopy imagery on microtome slices of welded plasma treated surfaces. The specific double layer contrast can be considered as equal to twice the(More)
DNA vaccination holds great promise for the prevention and treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. However, the clinical ability of DNA vaccines is still controversial due to the limited immune response initially observed in humans. We hypothesized that electroporation of a plasmid encoding the HIV-1 Gag viral capsid protein would enhance cancer DNA(More)
The survival of yeast cells after irradiation and the use of actinomycin D in the culture mediumwerefurther investigated (Van Duyse and Dunjic, European Society for Radiation Biology, Tenth Annual Meeting, Madrid 1973). Additional data concern dose-response relationship of both radiation and drug effects. Based on 66 individual observations, the parameters(More)
The functionalization of poly(allylamine hydrochloride)/poly(acrylic acid) (PAH/PAA) polyelectrolyte multilayers by silanes reacted from the gas phase is studied depending on reaction time and temperature, pH of multilayer assembly, and nature of the reacting silane group. Whereas monochlorosilanes only diffuse in the multilayer and graft in limited amount,(More)
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