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a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Quaternary glaciation erosion rates Tianshan cosmogenic nuclide magnetostratigraphy 10 Be Erosion is a fundamental player of the interactions existing between internal geodynamics and climate, in particular through its influence on the carbon dioxide budget. However, long term (N 1 Ma) erosion rates, estimated indirectly from(More)
magnitude of the plasma cortisol response to confinement in rainbow trout. The NERC and CEH trademarks and logos ('the Trademarks') are registered trademarks of NERC in the UK and other countries, and may not be used without the prior written consent of the Trademark owner. ABSTRACT Better understanding of the mechanisms underlying inter-individual(More)
Emission of light by a single electron moving on a curved trajectory (synchrotron radiation) is one of the most well-known fundamental radiation phenomena. However experimental situations are more complex as they involve many electrons, each being exposed to the radiation of its neighbors. This interaction has dramatic consequences, one of the most(More)
Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) using genetic marker information is a time-consuming analysis that has interested the mapping community in recent decades. The increasing amount of genetic marker data allows one to consider ever more precise QTL analyses while increasing the demand for computation. Part of the difficulty of detecting QTLs resides in(More)
As a tetrahedral molecule, methane has no permanent dipole moment. Its spectrum, however, displays faint absorption lines in the THz region, due to centrifugal distorsion effects. This is important for planetary applications since this region is used to measure methane concentration in some planetary atmospheres , in particular on Titan. Up to now, all(More)
  • AILES beamline, D. Jacquemart, +4 authors P. Roy
  • 2012
Absolute intensities of about 120 lines of the 12 C 2 H 2 molecule are reported for the ν 4 − ν 5 band between 65 and 192 cm −1 , with an average accuracy of 5%. Vibrational transition dipole moment squared values and empirical Herman-Wallis coefficients are obtained allowing modelling the rotational dependence of the transition dipole moment squared.(More)
Optical measurements were carried out by infrared spectroscopy on AA'3B4O12 A-site ordered quadruple perovskite EuCu3Fe4O12 (microscopic sample) as function of temperature. At 240 K (=TMI), EuCu3Fe4O12 undergoes a very abrupt metal to insulator transition, a paramagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition and an isostructural transformation with an abrupt(More)
The properties of bulk water come from a delicate balance of interactions on length scales encompassing several orders of magnitudes: i) the Hydrogen Bond (HBond) at the molecular scale and ii) the extension of this HBond network up to the macroscopic level. Here, we address the physics of water when the three dimensional extension of the HBond network is(More)
The new infrared beamline (AILES) at the third generation Synchrotron Radiation source SOLEIL is now available for users. This beamline exploits infrared and THz synchrotron radiation from both edge emission and the constant field conventional source. The performances including flux, spatial distribution of the photons, spectral range and stability are(More)
This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Climate of the Past (CP). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in CP if available. Abstract Results are presented from biological (diatoms and ostracodes) and non-biological (Ti, Ca/Ti, total inorganic carbon, magnetic susceptibility) proxy analyses from an 8.8 m long laminated, high(More)