Pascale Laurent

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The neuroepithelial cells (NECs) of the fish gill filament share several morphofunctional features with the cells of the neuroepithelial bodies in the lungs of air-breathing vertebrates. In the present study, a detailed indolamine-immunocytochemical analysis of the branchial neuroepithelial cells and nerves was undertaken in non-teleost and teleost species,(More)
Formaldehyde-induced fluorescence reveals numerous serotonin-containing cells within the primary epithelium of the fish gill. These cells are isolated or clustered and are supported by the epithelial basal lamina. They never reach the external medium and are found on the internal side of the primary lamellae, facing the respiratory water flow. With the(More)
BACKGROUND Primary HIV-infected patients display severe and irreversible damage to different blood B-cell subsets which is not restored by highly efficient anti-retroviral therapy (HAART). Because longitudinal investigations of primary HIV-infection is limited by the availability of lymphoid organs, we studied the tissue-specific B-cell dysfunctions in(More)
Conflicting results regarding changes in mucosal IgA production or in the proportions of IgA plasma cells in the small and large intestines during HIV-infection have been previously reported. Except in individuals repeatedly exposed to HIV-1 but yet remaining uninfected, HIV-specific IgAs are frequently absent in mucosal secretions from HIV-infected(More)
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