Pascal Van Hentenryck

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Consistency techniques have been studied extensively in the past as a way of tackling constraint satisfaction problems (CSP). In particular, various arc-consistency algorithms have been proposed, originating from Waltz's ltering algorithm [27] and culminating in the optimal algorithm AC-4 of Mohr and Henderson [16]. AC-4 runs in O(ed) in the worst case,(More)
Many science and engineering applications require the user to find solutions to systems of nonlinear constraints over real numbers or to optimize a nonlinear function subject to nonlinear constraints. This includes applications such the modeling of chemical engineering processes and of electrical circuits, robot kinematics, chemical equil ibrium problems,(More)
Automating the scheduling of sport leagues has received considerable attention in recent years, as these applications involve significant revenues and generate challenging combinatorial optimization problems. This paper considers the traveling tournament problem (TTP) which abstracts the salient features of major league baseball (MLB) in the United States.(More)
Type analysis of Prolog is of primary importance for high-performance compilers, since type information may lead to better indexing and to sophisticated specializations of unification and built-in predicates to name a few. However, these optimizations often require a sophisticated type inference system capable of inferring disjunctive and recursive types(More)