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This paper deals with the problem of parameter estimation based on certain eigenspaces of the empirical covariance matrix of an observed multidimensional time series, in the case where the time series dimension and the observation window grow to infinity at the same pace. In the area of large random matrix theory, recent contributions studied the behavior(More)
We consider the problem of subspace estimation in situations where the number of available snapshots and the observation dimension are comparable in magnitude. In this context, traditional subspace methods tend to fail because the eigenvectors of the sample correlation matrix are heavily biased with respect to the true ones. It has recently been suggested(More)
This paper addresses the statistical behaviour of spatial smoothing subspace DoA estimation schemes using a sensor array in the case where the number of observations N is significantly smaller than the number of sensors M , and that the number of virtual arrays L is such that M and N L are of the same order of magnitude. This context is modelled by an(More)