Pascal Schroeter

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Reinforcement learning (RL) is a biologically supported learning paradigm, which allows an agent to learn through experience acquired by interaction with its environment. Its potential to learn complex action sequences has been proven for a variety of problems, such as navigation tasks. However, the interactive randomized exploration of the state space,(More)
DNA ploidy and S-phase percentage from nine malignant gliomas (four glioblastomas, four anaplastic astrocytomas grade 3 and one anaplastic oligoastrocytoma grade 3) have been estimated by single cell cytophotometry on biopsy and necropsy specimens. All gliomas from biopsy material showed, with the exception of two diploid tumours, a polyploid-aneuploid(More)
Postmortem neuropathological and neuroanatomical--topographical examinations of brain section series of 10 patients with brain tumours of different histological type and localization with evidence of the Contralateral Pain Flexor Reflex (CPFR), described by Sayk (1982), were performed. In each case could be found an alteration or damage of functionally(More)
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