Pascal Schleuniger

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Current processors are optimized for average case performance, often leading to a high worst-case execution time (WCET). Many architectural features that increase the average case performance are hard to be modeled for the WCET analysis. In this paper we present Patmos, a processor optimized for low WCET bounds rather than high average case performance.(More)
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Field programmable gate arrays, FPGAs, have become an attractive implementation technology for a broad range of computing systems. We recently proposed a processor architecture, Tinuso, which achieves high performance by moving complexity from hardware to the compiler tool chain. This means that the compiler tool chain must handle the increased complexity.(More)
Field-programmable gate arrays, FPGAs, are attractive implementation platforms for low-volume signal and image processing applications. The structure of FPGAs allows for an efficient implementation of parallel algorithms. Sequential algorithms, on the other hand, often perform better on a microprocessor. It is therefore convenient for many applications to(More)
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