Pascal Romon

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The problem of correctly defining geometric objects, such as the curvature, is a hard one in discrete geometry. In 2009, Ollivier defined a notion of curvature applicable to a wide category of measured metric spaces, in particular to graphs. He named it coarse Ricci curvature because it coincides, up to some given factor, with the classical Ricci curvature,(More)
  • Laurent Hauswirth, Joaqu´in P Erez, Pascal Romon, Antonio Ros
  • 2004
Given a discrete group G of isometries of R 3 , we study the G-isoperimetric problem, which consists of minimizing area (modulo G) among surfaces in R 3 which enclose a G-invariant region with a prescribed volume fraction. If G is a line group, we prove that solutions are either families of round spheres or right cylinders. In the doubly periodic case we(More)
cedram Texte mis en ligne dans le cadre du Centre de diffusion des revues académiques de mathématiques Abstract We present two methods for non-rigid shape matching. Both methods formulate shape matching as an energy minimization problem, where the energy measures distortion of the metric defined on the shapes in one case, or directly describes the physical(More)
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