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How do different densities in a network affect the optimal location of service centers
The p-median problem is often used to locate p service centers by minimizing their distances to a geographically distributed demand (n). Expand
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Algorithmes génétiques hybrides en optimisation combinatoire
Cette these aborde le probleme de la resolution des problemes combinatoires a l'aide d'algorithmes genetiques. Ce type d'algorithme presente en effet nombres d'avantages. Cependant, ils sontExpand
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An Empirical Test of the Gravity p-Median Model
A customer is presumed to gravitate to a facility by the distance to it and the attractiveness of it. However regarding the location of the facility, the presumption is that the customer opts for theExpand
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How do administrative borders affect accessibility to hospitals? The case of Sweden
An administrative border might hinder the optimal allocation of a given set of resources by restricting the flow of goods, services, and people. In this paper, we address the question: DoExpand
Testing the gravity p-median model empirically
Regarding the location of a facility, the presumption in the widely used p-median model is that the customer opts for the shortest route to the nearest facility. However, this assumption isExpand
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An application of gravity p-median model with different distance decay functions
The location-allocation problem has been studied over 50 years and recently a new method called “gravity p-median model” is introduced to the public. The key idea is that the probability of customersExpand
DEGREE PROJECT Computer Engineering
This graduate study was assigned by Unisys Oy Ab to find tools to monitor and manage servers and objects in a hosting environment and to remotely connect to the managed objects. Expand
On administrative borders and accessibility to public services: : The case of hospitals in Sweden.
We investigate the usability of statistical bounds to evaluate the quality of heuristic solutions applied to large combinatorial problems. Expand