Pascal Poullet

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We have cloned Pfnek-1, a gene encoding a novel protein kinase from the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. This enzyme displays maximal homology to the never-in-mitosis/Aspergillus (NIMA)/NIMA-like kinase (Nek) family of protein kinases, whose members are involved in eukaryotic cell division processes. Similar to other P. falciparum protein(More)
Lysine 1423 of neurofibromin (neurofibromatosis type I gene product [NF1]) plays a crucial role in the function of NF1. Mutations of this lysine were detected in samples from a neurofibromatosis patient as well as from cancer patients. To further understand the significance of this residue, we have mutated it to all possible amino acids. Functional assays(More)
Ras GTPase-activating proteins (GAPs) are negative regulators of ras, which controls proliferation and differentiation in many cells. Ras GAPs have been found in a variety of species from yeast to mammals. We describe here a newly identified mammalian GAP, GapIII, which was obtained by differential screening of a rat oligodendrocyte cDNA library. GapIII(More)
Kir belongs to a novel class of Ras-family G-proteins which includes Gem and Rad. These proteins are unique among Ras super-family G-proteins since their expression is under transcriptional regulation in mammalian cells. To gain insight into the function of Kir, we took advantage of the well-defined signal transduction pathways of yeast. When kir is(More)
We report biochemical characterization of two recently identified mutants of yeast RAS2, RAS2-E99K and RAS2-E130K. These mutants exhibit dominant activating phenotypes in yeast. Characterization of their intrinsic GTPase and GDP dissociation as well as their ability to stimulate adenylate cyclase showed that these activities of RAS2-E99K mutant protein were(More)
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