Pascal Potier

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BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIM Polyp miss rates during colonoscopy have been calculated in a few tandem or back-to-back colonoscopy studies. Our objective was to assess the adenoma miss rate while limiting technique or operator expertise biases, i. e. by performing a large multicenter study, with same-day back-to-back video colonoscopy, done by two different(More)
Many studies have reported multiple rib fractures sustained by an Out-of-Position (OOP) driver subjected to a frontal airbag deployment, but the injury mechanisms and thresholds remain unclear. Two successive phases occur during the bag deployment: punch-out loading of the thorax, followed by a membrane effect (Horsch et al. 1990). The aim of this study was(More)
Forced inversion or eversion of the foot is considered a common mechanism of ankle injury in vehicle crashes. The objective of this study was to model empirically the injury tolerance of the human ankle/subtalar joint to dynamic inversion and eversion under three different loading conditions: neutral flexion with no axial preload, neutral flexion with 2 kN(More)
Rib fractures constitute a good indication of severity as there are the most frequent type of AIS3+ chest injuries. In 2008, Trosseille et al. showed a promising methodology to exhibit the rib fracture mechanisms, using strain gauges glued on the ribs of Post-Mortem Human Subjects (PMHS) and developing a specific signal analysis. In 2009, they published(More)
Load-limiting belt restraints have been present in French cars since 1995. An accident study showed the greater effectiveness in thorax injury prevention using a 4 kN load limiter belt with an airbag than using a 6 kN load limiter belt without airbag. The criteria for thoracic tolerance used in regulatory testing is the sternal deflection for all restraint(More)
BACKGROUND Before the 2012 revision of the EASL guidelines for the management of hepatitis B virus infection, we conducted a survey to determine how French nonacademic hepatogastroenterologists defined inactive hepatitis B virus carriers and immunotolerant patients. METHODS We asked 680 hepatogastroenterologists to complete a simple survey consisting of(More)
Histiocytic sarcoma, proliferation arising from immunoregulatory effector system cells, is a very rare and recently recognized tumor. Diagnosis is based on immunohistochemical and molecular genetic study, which allows to distinguish histiocytic sarcoma from lymphocytic proliferation, such as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. We report the case of a gastric(More)
Despite the increasing knowledge of the thorax mechanics in impact loadings, the effects of inter-individual differences on the mechanical response are difficult to take into account. For example, the biofidelity corridors for the small female or large male are extrapolated from the midsize male corridors. The present study reports on the results of new(More)