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Recent advances have brought out the importance of complex networks in many different domains such as sociology (acquaintance networks, collaboration networks), biology (metabolic networks, gene networks) or computer science (internet topology, web graph, p2p networks). We refer to [45, 42, 1, 31, 12] for reviews from different perspectives and for an(More)
Web 2.0 works with the principle of weak cooperation, where a huge amount of individual contributions build solid and structured sources of data. In this paper, we detail the main properties of this weak cooperation by illustrating them on the photo publication website Flickr, showing the variety of uses producing a rich content and the various procedures(More)
Dense sub-graphs of sparse graphs (communities), which appear in most real-world complex networks, play an important role in many contexts. Most existing community detection algorithms produce a hierarchical structure of communities and seek a partition into communities that optimizes a given quality function. We propose new methods to improve the results(More)
The study of networks is an active area of research due to its capability of modeling many real world complex systems. Social Network gains its popularity due to its ease of use. It enables people all over the world to interact with each other with the advent of Web 2.0 in this Internet era. Online Social Networking facilitates people to have communication(More)
We study here Flickr groups in order to see whether they are actual communities or rather essentially thematic clusters. We describe a methodological framework for the analysis of networks of group members, measuring social density and tag dispersion among groups and give some results on a sample of 450 groups having around 500 members each.
Background The association of differing genotypes with disease-related phenotypic traits offers great potential to both help identify new therapeutic targets and support stratification of patients who would gain the greatest benefit from specific drug classes. Development of low-cost genotyping and sequencing has made collecting large-scale genotyping data(More)
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