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IMPORTANCE Noninvasive ventilation delivered as bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) is often used to avoid reintubation and improve outcomes of patients with hypoxemia after cardiothoracic surgery. High-flow nasal oxygen therapy is increasingly used to improve oxygenation because of its ease of implementation, tolerance, and clinical effectiveness. (More)
This paper presents a demand-led growth model grounded in a coherent stock-flow monetary accounting framework, where all stocks and flows are accounted for. Wealth is allocated between assets on Tobinesque principles, but no equilibrium condition is necessary to bring the " demand " for money into equivalence with its " supply. " Growth and profit rates, as(More)
Oral squamous cell carcinomas (OSCCs) are described as the result of a multistep tumorigenesis process. In order to develop useful diagnosis of pre-malignant lesions, expression of p53 family members and the cancer stem cell (CSCs) marker, CD44v6, were studied in histologically normal oral epithelium, precancerous lesions and succeeding invasive OSCCs. p53(More)
$EVWUDFW The effects of wage dispersion on productive efficiency is a topic rich in theoretical conjecture, a common object of Scandinavian polemical debate and at the same time an issue almost barren of systematic econometric evidence. The Swedish record of enormous compression of relative wages under the institutional regime of centralized solidarity(More)
This paper investigates the possibility of accounting for the role played by institutions in the dynamics of technical change and growth in a policy oriented perspective. The main question is to choose the institutions relevant for such an analysis. Approaches like that of the National Systems of Innovation starts from a sectoral point of view, i.e. science(More)
Les deux dernières décennies ont connu un développement notable des dynamiques régionales, tant en Amérique qu'en Asie. Ces politiques d'intégration économique régionales sont apparues comme des modalités d'ajustement par zone à une évolution plus générale des conditions de concurrence à l'échelle mondiale. Elles donnent l'impression non seulement de porter(More)