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Ballon intra-gastrique avec une valve a double membrane et kit de mise en place correspondant
L'invention concerne un ballon intra-gastrique comprenant au moins une poche apte a etre remplie avec un fluide de gonflage, un moyen de connexion (3) et comportant un organe auto-obturant (21) apteExpand
implantable site with penetrating screen in the septum
An implantable medical device for injecting and / or removing a fluid substance into a human or animal body, said device comprising a housing (2) provided with a chamber (3) extending between a firstExpand
Surgical ring closure system improves
- The invention relates to a ring provided with male fastener elements (5) and female, the male closure element (5) comprising a first (7) and a second portions, the first portion of section ( 7)Expand
Gastric band with overhead pockets
The invention relates to a surgical ring (1) implantable intended to be placed around a biological organ constituting a pocket or a conduit for modifying the passing section of said biological body,Expand
Intragastric with a double diaphragm valve and corresponding kit installation.
intragastric balloon designed to be implanted inside the stomach of a patient to reduce stomach volume under a treatment of obesity, the said ball (1) intragastric: - at least one pocket (2) able toExpand
Ballon intra-gastrique pourvu d’une valve contenant un gel, kit et utilisation correspondants
L'invention concerne un ballon intra-gastrique destine a etre implante a l'interieur de l'estomac d'un patient pour reduire le volume de l'estomac dans le cadre d'un traitement de l'obesite, leditExpand