Pascal O. Vontobel

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The information rate of finite-state source/channel models can be accurately estimated by sampling both a long channel input sequence and the corresponding channel output sequence, followed by a forward sum-product recursion on the joint source/channel trellis. This method is extended to compute upper and lower bounds on the information rate of very general(More)
The goal of the present paper is the derivation of a framework for the finite-length analysis of message-passing iterative decoding of low-density parity-check codes. To this end we introduce the concept of graph-cover decoding. Whereas in maximum-likelihood decoding all codewords in a code are competing to be the best explanation of the received vector,(More)
The classical Blahut–Arimoto algorithm (BAA) is a well-known algorithm that optimizes a discrete memoryless source (DMS) at the input of a discrete memoryless channel (DMC) in order to maximize the mutual information between channel input and output. This paper considers the problem of optimizing finite-state machine sources (FSMSs) at the input of(More)
Quasi-cyclic (QC) low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes are an important instance of proto-graph-based LDPC codes. In this paper we present upper bounds on the minimum Hamming distance of QC LDPC codes and study how these upper bounds depend on graph structure parameters (like variable degrees, check node degrees, girth) of the Tanner graph and of the(More)
It has recently been observed that the permanent of a nonnegative square matrix, i.e., of a square matrix containing only nonnegative real entries, can very well be approximated by solving a certain Bethe free energy function minimization problem with the help of the sum-product algorithm. We call the resulting approximation of the permanent the Bethe(More)