Pascal Mainini

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In our institution ICP was monitored in patients with GCS < or = 8 and abnormal CT scan: 362 severely head injured and 180 subarachnoid hemorrhage. Mean duration of monitoring was 103.6 hours (SD 74.96). Among 542 patients, 440 showed at least one episode of ICP above the threshold of 20 mm Hg. Among 362 head injured patients only 71 (19.3%) had an ICP(More)
Central neurocytoma is a rare benign tumor that most commonly arises within the ventricular system of young adults. Its occurrence in the posterior third ventricle is one of the least reported presentations. These tumors are usually treated by a combination of either biopsy or open surgical resection, often followed by radiation (Gamma knife or Novalis)(More)
Linked Data technologies become increasingly important in many domains. Key factors for their breakthrough are security and trust. Classical means for access control lack granularity when parts of the Linked Data graph must be protected. The WebID, combining semantic web concepts with methods from certificate based authentication and authorization, seems(More)
1)The Authors describe a case of acalculia and emphasize some peculiar aspects, the study of which was facilitated by being the patient a mathematics teacher. 2) The patient was unable to perform arithmetic operations (addition and subtraction) but was able to carry our more complex and algebric operations. The acalculia was associated with constructional(More)
A case of a 15-year-old patient with a progressive extrapyramidal disease is presented. A brain CT shows bilateral atrophy of globus pallidus. Different diagnostic hypothesis are discussed. Viene presentato il caso di una paziente di 15 anni con una sintomatologia extrapiramidale evolutiva. Viene proposta la significatività di una correlazione tra quadro(More)
The treatment of Intracranial Pressure (ICP) requires not only the determination of the pressure but also some kind of estimate of the relationship between intracranial volume and actual pressure. The measurement of the Pressure Volume Index (PVI) offers a quantitative assessment of such a relationship, provided that the measurement is safe and accurate. In(More)
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