Pascal M. Deville

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Living isopods of the suborder Oniscidea (commonly called woodlice) are the only group of Crustacea almost entirely composed of terrestrial forms. Furthermore, woodlice are completely independent from the aquatic environment from which they originally arose. From marine ancestors, woodlice are a key taxon to study the conquest of the land among arthropods(More)
In lighting engineering the precise simulation of a lighting project requires a light source model which has the ability to reproduce real light sources. The models which assume the spatial energy is diiused over the light source, are not suuciently precise, since real light sources do not have uniform spatial energy distributions. Other models based upon(More)
This paper describes methods that can be used for modeling radia-tive properties of light sources and materials, in a radiosity computation algorithm. These methods have been designed in order to improve the photo-realistic rendering of complex architectural scenes as well as to allow illumination engineering applications. They are based on the accurate(More)