Pascal Lorenz

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Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is becoming an interesting technology for the optical Internet, since it does not need optical buffers like Optical Packet Switching (OPS), and is capable of a better performance than Optical Circuit Switching (OCS). Although OBS has been recently object of intense research, it still raises a number of important questions. Due(More)
BACKGROUND Mobile Health (mHealth) proposes health care delivering anytime and anywhere. It aims to answer several emerging problems in health services, including the increasing number of chronic diseases, high costs on national health services, and the need to provide direct access to health services, regardless of time and place. mHealth systems include(More)
The dynamic topology of ad hoc networks is an important issue on which a lot of research is carried out. Because of higher speeds of movement and networks of larger scale, the algorithms of auto-organization and clustering may be inefficient. Therefore, we propose a fully distributed clustering algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks in which the nodes can(More)
The distributed shared memory (DSM) model is designed to leverage the ease of programming of the shared memory paradigm, while enabling the high-performance by expressing locality as in the message-passing model. Experience, however, has shown that DSM programming languages, such as UPC, may be unable to deliver the expected high level of performance.(More)
Most Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) network protocols are evaluated by simulation. However in most network simulators, the physical layer suffers from a lack of realism. Therefore, realistic V2V channel modeling has become a crucial issue in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) networks. V2V channels are known to exhibit specific features which imply the(More)