Pascal Lehwark

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RNA editing alters the nucleotide sequence of an RNA molecule so that it deviates from the sequence of its DNA template. Different RNA-editing systems are found in the major eukaryotic lineages, and these systems are thought to have evolved independently. In this study, we provide a detailed analysis of data on C-to-U editing sites in land plant(More)
Chloroplast ribonucleoproteins (cpRNPs) are nuclear-encoded, highly abundant, and light-regulated RNA binding proteins. They have been shown to be involved in chloroplast RNA processing and stabilization in vitro and are phylogenetically related to the well-described heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins (hnRNPs). cpRNPs have been found associated with(More)
We describe different ways of organizing large collections of music with databionic mining techniques. The Emergent Self-Organizing Map is used to cluster and visualize similar artists and songs. The first method is the MusicMiner system that utilizes semantic descriptions learned from low level audio features for each song. The second method uses tags that(More)
We have developed the web application GeSeq ( for the rapid and accurate annotation of organellar genome sequences, in particular chloroplast genomes. In contrast to existing tools, GeSeq combines batch processing with a fully customizable reference sequence selection of organellar genome records from NCBI(More)
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