Pascal Laferriere

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A technology of backup alarms based on the use of a broadband signal has recently gained popularity in many countries. In this study, the performance of this broadband technology is compared to that of a conventional tonal alarm and a multi-tone alarm from a worker-safety standpoint. Field measurements of sound pressure level patterns behind heavy vehicles(More)
This paper presents the design and integration of a vision-guided robotic system for automated and rapid vehicle inspection. The main objective of this work is to achieve a seamless and efficient integration of several sensors and robotic components to rapidly acquire RGB-D data over the surface of a vehicle in order to efficiently navigate a robotic(More)
A new flexible, dry electrode is examined for recording surface electromyographic signals and compared to a conventional Ag/AgCl electrode. A suitable dry electrode would enable practical implementation of wearable mobility monitoring systems. Results from a preliminary experiment are presented in this paper. Measurements were performed on the right(More)
Industrial robots have been employed worldwide in the manufacturing sector for performing tasks quickly, repeatedly and accurately in relatively static environments for over 30 years. In recent years, close physical interaction between industrial robots and human operators has attracted researchers' attention and encouraged a number of technological(More)
Compliance in robotic systems has been exploited to allow rigid mechanisms to come into contact with complex and possibly fragile objects. By incorporating compliance and instrumentation into a single device nearby objects can be detected before direct contact occurs. That way, safer and smoother robot guidance can be achieved both while approaching and(More)
The design, assembly and implementation of a custom fabricated instrumented wrist aimed at supporting dexterous robotic interaction with live proximity and contact feedback is presented in this paper. Although comparable platforms have been conceived in the past, efforts have been made to reduce the complexity of the overall system with a focus on weight(More)
Compliance has been exploited in various forms in robotic systems to allow rigid mechanisms to come into contact with fragile objects, or with complex shapes that cannot be accurately modeled. Force feedback control has been the classical approach for providing compliance in robotic systems. However, by integrating other forms of instrumentation with(More)
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