Pascal Kleijer

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Grid technology has matured considerably over the past few years. Progress in both implementation and standardization is reaching a level of robustness that enables production quality deployments of grid services in the academic research community with heightened interest and early adoption in the industrial community. Despite this progress, grid(More)
The predominant mechanisms for helping users find products in electronic catalogs are hierarchical navigation and text-based searches. Advanced electronic product catalogs also offer support for feature-based search or interactive product configuration. However, these search mechanisms are only appropriate if the space of products to be presented conforms(More)
In this paper, the authors discuss their proposal for a Grid Based Visualization API (Application Program Interface). Grid enabled system are becoming more popular with the years and therefore great efforts are put in it to develop new functionalities. Visualization of large-scale distributed data is a necessity for scientific simulation. The confluence of(More)
Visualization is an important part of numerous simulation workflows. It helps users intuitively discover artifacts in their data, because it directly makes use of one of human’s fundamental sense: “vision”. Also, it does not require as much effort as raw data analysis. There are several usable workflows depending on current needs, each one using a different(More)
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