Pascal Kaelin

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The differentiation of the telencephalon (TC) gyri and the myelination of TC and diencephalon were analyzed quantitatively in 50 children, 32-240 weeks' postconceptional age (PCA). For this purpose, a four-stage grading system was developed by correlating magnetic resonance images from age-matched postmortem brains with subsequently prepared myelin-stained(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the mesencephalon during the first four years of life allowed normal maturational processes of the various midbrain structuresin vivo to be followed. Using T2-weighted SE sequences, we found 5 characteristic age dependent patterns on axial tomograms taken at the level of the superior colliculi, that let us derive a(More)
White matter myelination was assessed in the frontal, temporal, and occipital lobes and in the internal capsule in 91 neurodevelopmentally handicapped infants on T2-weighted images (spin echo 3,000/120 ms) and compared with myelination scores from 53 normal control subjects. Clinical diagnosis was birth asphyxia (34), seizures with delays of various causes(More)
To investigate radiation dose and diagnostic performance of C-arm flat-panel CT (FPCT) versus standard multi-detector CT (MDCT) shoulder arthrography using MRI-arthrography as reference standard. Radiation dose of two different FPCT acquisitions (5 and 20 s) and standard MDCT of the shoulder were assessed using phantoms and thermoluminescence dosimetry.(More)
The in vivo bilirubin-albumin binding interaction of ceftriaxone (CRO) was investigated in 14 nonjaundiced newborns, aged 33–42 weeks of gestation, during the first few days of life after they had reached stable clinical condition. CRO (50 mg/kg) was infused intravenously over 30 min. The competitive binding effect of CRO on the bilirubin-albumin complex(More)
A Turkish couple suffering from McArdle disease (myophosphorylase deficiency) and their two sons aged 5 and 9 years, respectively, were studied using31phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P MRS). During exercise both sons showed the same pathological pattern as their parents. In contrast to healthy volunteers, intracellular pH (pHi) as measured(More)
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