Pascal Humbert

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HYPERCAT project proposes a digital organization of the technical information relative to the building products and materials. Its application on technical information search by images is one of context-based image search engines. However, a manual construction of an image database for this application can be very costly. The image extracted from the French(More)
This paper describes a navigation interface by virtual flight over a 3D digital reconstitution of an urban model. Miming a plane with a hand free of any contact with a peripheral allows to navigate in the virtual environment, as a 3D tracking peripheral acquires the hand position and orientation. This way of navigating was put to use with the valorization(More)
During their activity, designers use various kind of heterogeneous information presented in the data list of the design program. To solve their design problem they use "references". If by reference some writers mean every representation of a reality having an active role in the design process, in our case we have limited the reference definition to the(More)
The French collection of Plans-Reliefs, scale models of fortified towns, constitutes an awesome architectural heritage. Facing this patrimonial richness, many cities, represented on these plans-reliefs, would like to expose, develop and exploit this historical heritage. However, the fragility, the dimension of the supports and the exposure conditions makes(More)
Comprehensive occupational health services are provided to approximately 17,000 workers at the Kennedy Space Center and an additional 6000 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. These areas cover about 120,000 acres encompassing part of the Merritt Island Wild Life Refuge and wetlands which are the habitat of numerous endangered and protected species of(More)
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