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Copyright © by the paper's authors. Copying permitted only for private and academic purposes. Abstract Today, the Internet of Things has evolved due to an increasing interconnection of technical devices. However, the automated binding and management of things and sensors is still a major issue. In this paper, we present a method and system architecture for(More)
The automation of business processes is of vital importance for organizations to speed up their business and to lower costs. Due to emerging technologies in the field of Internet of Things, changing situations can be recognized automatically, which provides the basis for an automated adaptation of process executions in order to react to changing(More)
Automation of application provisioning is one of the key aspects of Cloud Computing. Standards such as the Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) provide a means to model application topologies which can be provisioned fully automatically. Many automated provisioning engines require that these topologies are complete in the(More)
Today, the Internet of Things has evolved due to an advanced interconnectivity of hardware devices equipped with sensors and actuators. Such connected environments are nowadays well-known as smart environments. Famous examples are smart homes, smart cities, and smart factories. Such environments should only be called “smart” if they allow monitoring and(More)