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Marta Bruix1
Simone Ciofi-Baffoni1
1Marta Bruix
1Simone Ciofi-Baffoni
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We present in this paper how to apply to mathematical for-mulae a generic recognition method already used for musical scores, table structure and old forms recognition. We propose to use this method to recognize the structure of formulae and also to recognize some symbols made of line segments. This offers two possibilities: improving the symbol recognition(More)
Heme-linked proteins, such as cytochromes, are popular subjects for protein folding studies. There is the underlying question of whether the heme affects the structure of the denatured state by cross-linking it and forming other interactions, which would perturb the folding pathway. We have studied wild-type and mutant cytochrome b562 from Escherichia coli,(More)
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