Pascal Francois Faye

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Inhibition of the bradykinin B2 receptor type (B2R) has been shown to improve neurological outcome in models of focal traumatic brain injury. However, the involvement of B2R in trauma-induced diffuse injury has not yet been explored. This is an important point, since in humans a pattern of diffuse injury is commonly found in severely injured patients and(More)
We have isolated a cDNA encoding the 5-HT4S receptor by RT-PCR on poly (A)+ RNA from both human heart and brain. The sequence homology with the rat and mouse 5-HT4 receptors was high: 93.8% of identity in the amino acid sequence. None of the 24 amino acid substitutions observed between rat and human receptors are at positions likely to modify their(More)
  • P Faye
  • 1995
Self-mutilation has numerous characteristics that also have been identified in the self-destructive behavior of addiction; these characteristics include similarities in origin, in emotions experienced, in family structure and in the repetitive nature of tension-release responses. Clinicians must deal with the various obstacles when trying to provide care to(More)
We address the problem of efficient coordination protocols in the contexts where mobile and ad-hoc devices which harbor the selfish agents must achieve a set of dynamic tasks. This work assumes that, due to the dynamic behaviors of the agents induced by the unpredictable availability of these devices and the dynamic of the tasks, it is not possible to(More)
We propose a new analysis method to deal with sensory profile data. Such data are composed of scores attributed by human experts (or judges) in order to describe a set of products according to a given sensory descriptor. All assessments are repeated, usually three times. The first step consists in extracting and encoding the relevant information of each(More)
This study presents a novel solution to agent coalition formation. It focuses on heterogeneous, distributed multi-agent systems deployed in real-world environments. Specifically, we study dynamic, uncertain environments in which tasks may evolve during execution, and agents and resource availability may vary rapidly and unpredictably. We refer to cases in(More)
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