Pascal Fleury

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Digital images have become an important source of information in the modern world of communication systems. In their raw form, digital images require a tremendous amount of memory. Many research efforts have been devoted to the problem of image compression in the last two decades. Two different compression categories must be distinguished: lossless and(More)
Perceptual components such as audiovisual processing and multimodal fusion components are integral elements of smart space applications. These components provide information about human actors' identity, location, activities, and sometimes goals through person trackers, person-identification components, and other situation-identification elements.(More)
To make the task simpler to the user, context-aware applications try to infer the current context of the task through a set of sensors. These sensors deliver information which is the basis for the context model helping the application to take appropriate actions. Up to recently, most of the context-aware systems and frameworks made the assumption of dealing(More)
Users try to articulate their complex information needs during search sessions by reformulating their queries. In order to make this process more e‚ective, search engines provide related queries to help users to specify the information need in their search process. In this paper, we propose a customized sequence-to-sequence model for sessionbased query(More)