Pascal Fleury

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Digital images have become an important source of information in the modern world of communication systems. In their raw form, digital images require a tremendous amount of memory. Many research efforts have been devoted to the problem of image compression in the last two decades. Two different compression categories must be distinguished: lossless and(More)
Perceptual components such as audiovisual processing and multimodal fusion components are integral elements of smart space applications. These components provide information about human actors' identity, location, activities, and sometimes goals through person trackers, person-identification components, and other situation-identification elements.(More)
In this paper the problem of object coding is addressed. In order to satisfy the needs of new applications in a multi-resolution environment the problem of object{oriented coding has to be addressed. In this paper a new approach of object coding is proposed. It is based on an arbitrarily{shaped subband transform followed by a generalized embedded zerotree(More)
In image coding, the choice of a good image coding algorithm is very dependent on the image content. Based on this fact, dynamic coding algorithms have been designed. They try to nd an optimal coding scheme for each image segment. They rely on an exhaustive search of the best coding algorithm. Evaluation of all algorithms is computationally very intensive(More)
MPEG-4 aims at providing standardized core technologies allowing efficient storage, transmission and manipulation of video data in multimedia environments. In order to achieve this broad goal, rather than a solution for a narrow set of applications, functionalities common to clusters of applications are under consideration. The encoded representation, along(More)