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Shape from shading designates the problem of shape rebuilding of a surface, starting from one image only of this surface. We compare different iterative methods of resolution of shape from shading. An analysis of the various discrete formulations of the problem is made, which allows the proposition of a certain number of error functions. Three deterministic(More)
Iterative methods showed until now encouraging results to resolve shape from shading. This kind of methods generally work on synthetic images, and occasionally on real images, even if such images do not agree in general with the hypotheses of shape from shading. In this article, we describe the assumptions mentioned above, and propose an original(More)
In computational chemistry, vast quantities of compounds are generated, and there is a need for cheminformatic tools to efficiently build chemical compound libraries. Several software tools for drawing and editing compound structures are available, but they lack options for automatic generation of chemical libraries. We have implemented ChemT, an(More)
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