Pascal Cheung-Mon-Chan

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This article proposes a new statistical model for fast 3D articulated body tracking, similar to the loose-limbed model, but using the factor graph representation. Belief propagation is used to estimate the current marginal for each limb. All belief propagation messages are represented as sums of weighted samples. The resulting algorithm corresponds to a set(More)
In many situations, there is a need to approximate a sequence of probability measures over a growing product of finite spaces. Whereas it is in general possible to determine analytic expressions for these probability measures, the number of computations needed to evaluate these quantities grows exponentially thus precluding real-time implementation.(More)
Au cours de ces dernières années, de nombreuses techniques de stream mining ont été proposées afin d'analyser des flux de données en temps réel. Dans cet article, nous montrons comment nous avons utilisé des techniques de stream mining permettant la recherche d'objets massifs hiérarchiques (hierarchical heavy hitters) dans un flux de données pour identifier(More)
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