Pascal Brisset

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The Social Golfer Problem has been extensively used by the constraint community in recent years as an example of a highly symmetric problem. It is an excellent problem for benchmarking symmetry breaking mechanisms such as SBDS or SBDD and for demonstrating the importance of the choice of the right model for one problem. We address in this paper a specific(More)
Current European Air Traffic Control system is far exceeded by the demand and the resulting delays are a financial and psychological burden for airlines and passengers. The Central Flow Management Unit, in charge of regulating the flights to respect en-route capacity constraints of Air Traffic Control Centres, uses a greedy algorithm to allocate departure(More)
We propose a new implementation of logic programming with higher-order terms. In order to illustrate the properties of our implementation, we apply the coding of lists as functions to the context of logic programming. As a side-eeect, we show that higher-order uniication is a good tool for manipulating the function-lists. It appears that the eeciency of the(More)
FaCiLe is an open source constraint programming library over integer nite domain written in OCaml, a functional language of the ML family. It o ers all usual constraint system facilities to create and handle nite domain variables, arithmetic constraints (possibly nonlinear), built-in global constraints and search goals. FaCiLe allows as well to build easily(More)
Planning of local wireless communication networks is about installing base stations (small radio transmitters) to provide wireless devices with strong enough signals. POPULAR is an advanced industrial prototype that allows to compute the minimal number of base stations and their location given a blueprint of the installation site and information about the(More)
Metastructures and metaterms have been proposed to extend Prolog systems 6, 5]. They enable special purpose uniications to be speciied. They are useful to implement for example coroutining and new domains of computation. In both cases, information is attached to variables, which then are encoded with metaterms or metastructures. This information must be(More)