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Current European Air Traffic Control system is far exceeded by the demand and the resulting delays are a financial and psychological burden for airlines and passengers. The Central Flow Management Unit, in charge of regulating the flights to respect en-route capacity constraints of Air Traffic Control Centres, uses a greedy algorithm to allocate departure(More)
Planning of local wireless communication networks is about installing base stations (small radio transmitters) to provide wireless devices with strong enough signals. POPULAR is an advanced industrial prototype that allows to compute the minimal number of base stations and their location given a blueprint of the installation site and information about the(More)
Optical Music Recognition is a particular form of document analysis in which there is much knowledge about document structure. Indeed there exists an important set of rules for musical notation, but current systems do not fully use them. We propose a new solution using a grammar to guide the segmentation of the graphical objects and their recognition. The(More)
We propose a new implementation of logic programming with higher-order terms. In order to illustrate the properties of our implementation, we apply the coding of lists as functions to the context of logic programming. As a side-eeect, we show that higher-order uniication is a good tool for manipulating the function-lists. It appears that the eeciency of the(More)
Prolog is a logic programming language accepting a more general clause form than standard Prolog (namely hereditary Harrop formulas instead of Horn formulas) and using simply typed-terms as a term domain instead of rst order terms. Despite these extensions, it is still amenable to goal-directed proofs and can still be given procedural semantics. However,(More)
Continuations are well known in functional programming where they have been used to transform and compile programs. Some languages provide explicit manipulations of the continuation for the user: The user can catch and modify the current continuation. Continuations have also been used in the logic programming context to give a denotational semantics for(More)