Pascal Briot

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There has been a growing interest over the past few years in the impact of male nutrition on fertility. Infertility has been linked to male overweight or obesity, and conventional semen parameter values seem to be altered in case of high body mass index (BMI). A few studies assessing the impact of BMI on sperm DNA integrity have been published, but they did(More)
Most patients with mental health (MH) conditions, such as depression, receive care for their conditions from a primary care physician (PCP) in their health/medical home. Providing MH care, however, presents many challenges for the PCP, including (1) the difficulty of getting needed consultation from an MH specialist; (2) the time constraints of a busy PCP(More)
OBJECTIVE In case of severe oligozoospermia or following testicular biopsy in case of azoospermia, fertilization remains possible by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). However, if there are only a few spermatozoa available to be preserved for a delayed ICSI, these gametes must be cryopreserved according to a specific method. We have found that, using(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of diabetes self-management education (DSME) in improving processes and outcomes of diabetes care as measured by a five component diabetes bundle and HbA1c, in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed for adult T2DM patients who received(More)
Flow cytometry coupled to cell sorting is proposed as a method to isolate round spermatids from testicular biopsies in obstructive azoospermic patients. The cells were separated on the basis of their size and density only. We obtained homogenous populations of alive round spermatids free of lymphocytes and diploid germ cells. The detection of protamine 1(More)
Although primary care provides the majority of mental health care, lack of time and documented economic benefit make it difficult for healthcare delivery systems to proactively implement effective treatment strategies for the growing disability of depression. Current care delivery models are inadequate and inefficient, leading to provider and consumer(More)
Key stakeholders and executive decision makers in healthcare system require clear and convincing data of the value of chronic illness care models for the primary care treatment of depression. Well-conceived and conducted evaluations provide this necessary information. This case study describes the experience of a large, nonprofit healthcare system’s(More)
IMPORTANCE The value of integrated team delivery models is not firmly established. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association of receiving primary care in integrated team-based care (TBC) practices vs traditional practice management (TPM) practices (usual care) with patient outcomes, health care utilization, and costs. DESIGN A retrospective, longitudinal,(More)
In earlier IVF programmes, subcutaneous buserelin (Suprefact, Hoechst) was initially administered three times per day (200 micrograms x 3); then twice daily (300 micrograms x 2). We now suggest that a single administration of 600 micrograms daily may be equally effective. In a preliminary study, 20 patients were selected on the basis of tubal or idiopathic(More)