Pascal Briard

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Plum pox virus (PPV) causes the most destructive viral disease known as plum pox or Sharka disease in stone fruit trees. As an important regulated pathogen, detection of PPV is thus of critical importance to quarantine and eradication of the spreading disease. In this study, the innovative development of two AmplifyRP(®) tests is reported for a rapid(More)
The reaction of a genetically engineered plum clone (C5) resistant to plum pox virus (PPV) by graft inoculation with the virus was evaluated. The resistance in this clone has been demonstrated to be mediated through post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS). A single C5 plant out of 30 plants inoculated with PPV M strain by double chip-budding showed mild(More)
Plum transformed with an intron hairpin RNA CP (ihpRNA-CP) was resistant to plum pox virus (PPV) infection through the specific process of RNA silencing involving both small interfering-RNA (siRNA) and a methylated virus transgene. Silencing specifically targeted the PPV genome and led to the degradation of viral RNA in the model plant species Nicotiana(More)
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