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Since its advent in the middle of the 2000's, the Cloud Computing (CC) paradigm is increasingly advertised as THE solution to most IT problems. While High Performance Computing (HPC) centers continuously evolve to provide more computing power to their users, several voices (most probably commercial ones) emit the wish that CC platforms could also serve HPC(More)
Cloud computing data centers are becoming increasingly popular for the provisioning of computing resources. The cost and operating expenses of data centers have skyrocketed with the increase in computing capacity. Several governmental, industrial, and academic surveys indicate that the energy utilized by computing and communication units within a data(More)
In mobile ad hoc networks (or MANETs) devices usually rely on batteries, so the lifetime of these networks highly depends on the energy consumption of the devices composing them. In this paper, we improve the performance of the adaptive enhanced distance based broadcasting algorithm, AEDB, as well as we optimize it using a hybrid multi-objective algorithm,(More)
— Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) are composed of mobile devices which spontaneously communicate each other without any previous existing infrastructure. Thus, the resulting network is highly fluctuating and has a dynamically changing topology. Dealing with ad hoc networks, broadcasting is one of the main operations, since many other applications use it(More)
Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs) are dynamic networks populated by mobile stations. Stations in MANETs are usually laptops, PDAs or mobile phones. These devices feature Bluetooth and/or IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) network interfaces and communicate in a decentralized manner. Mobility is a key feature of MANETs. Because of their high cost and their lack of flexibility(More)
13 In this paper, cellular automata (CAs) are used to design a symmetric key cryptography 14 system based on Vernam cipher. CAs are applied to generate a pseudo-random numbers se-15 quence (PNS) which is used during the encryption process. The quality of PNSs highly de-16 pends on the set of applied CA rules. Rules of radius r ¼ 1 and 2 for nonuniform(More)
Metaheuristic optimization algorithms have become popular choice for solving complex and intricate problems which are otherwise difficult to solve by traditional methods. In the present study an attempt is made to review the hybrid optimization techniques in which one main algorithm is a well known metaheuristic; particle swarm optimization or PSO.(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm that provides computing, communication and storage resources as a service over a network. Communication resources often become a bottleneck in service provisioning for many cloud applications. Therefore, data replication which brings data (e.g., databases) closer to data consumers (e.g., cloud applications) is seen as(More)