Pascal Bodmer

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Exchange of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) across inland water surfaces is an important component of the terrestrial carbon (C) balance. We investigated the fluxes of these two gases across the surface of oligotrophic Lake Stechlin using a floating chamber approach. The normalized gas transfer rate for CH4 (k600,CH4) was on(More)
A longitudinal growth study with monthly measurements during the 1st year of life was conducted by nine paediatricians working in private practice in Zurich. Of 92 children, none was lost to the study and only 32 of 1104 planned visits were missed; the quality of the measurements was comparable to that of a specialised university clinic. Compared to the(More)
Streams represent active components of the carbon cycle as emitters of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane to the atmosphere at a global scale. However, the mechanisms and governing factors of these emissions are still largely unknown, especially concerning the effect of land use. We compared dissolved and gaseous carbon dynamics in streams bordered by(More)
Stream networks have recently been discovered to be major but poorly constrained natural greenhouse gas (GHG) sources. A fundamental problem is that several measurement approaches have been used without crosscomparisons. Flux chambers represent a potentially powerful methodological approach if robust and reliable ways to use chambers on running water can be(More)
Natural floodplains comprise a spatial mosaic of habitat types that vary in successional development. The physical–chemical properties of soils and sediments in these habitats vary spatio-temporally with changes in hydrology, thereby influencing microbial dynamics and general floodplain functioning. The major goals of this study were to characterize the(More)
Methane (CH4) emissions from small rivers and streams, particularly via ebullition, are currently under-represented in the literature. Here, we quantify the methane effluxes and drivers in a small, Northern European river. Methane fluxes are comparable to those from tropical aquatic systems, with average emissions of 320 mg CH4 m-2 d-1. Two important(More)
Phytohemagglutinin is considered a maximal stimulus for the transformation of lymphocytes. In severely lymphopenic patients, the lymphocytes have been claimed to be non-responsive, i. e. these cells are considered qualitatively deficient.—Systematic study of a severely lymphopenic patient demonstrated that his lymphocytes are normally responsive to the(More)
Case report of a 1 8/12-year-old boy suffering from an acute febrile disease with phlegmonous cervical lymphadenopathy, skin rash and other septic symptoms. Bacterial cultures were sterile, and antibiotics had no effect, whereas prednisone made an immediate improvement. On the 23rd day of illness the patient died unexpectedly. Autopsy revealed a ruptured(More)
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