Pascal Benchimol

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This paper is motivated by operating self service transport systems that flourish nowadays. In cities where such systems have been set up with bikes, trucks travel to maintain a suitable number of bikes per station. It is natural to study a version of the C-delivery TSP defined by Chalasani and Motwani in which, unlike their definition, C is part of the(More)
We study the weighted circuit constraint in the context of constraint programming. It appears as a substructure in many practical applications, particularly routing problems. We propose a domain filtering algorithm for the weighted circuit constraint that is based on the 1-tree relaxation of Held and Karp. In addition, we study domain filtering based on an(More)
We introduce an algorithm which solves mean payoff games in polynomial time on average, assuming the distribution of the games satisfies a flip invariance property on the set of actions associated with every state. The algorithm is a tropical analogue of the shadowvertex simplex algorithm, which solves mean payoff games via linear feasibility problems over(More)
Vascular or tissue-type plasminogen activator (plasma t-PA) is the circulating physiological fibrinolytic enzyme of endothelial cell origin which function is regulated by fibrin and a specific inhibitor (PAI). To study the pattern of release of t-PA and the behavior of t-PA-PAI complexes in plasma we determined t-PA activity in 44 healthy subjects before(More)
A combinatorial simplex algorithm is an instance of the simplex method in which the pivoting depends on combinatorial data only. We show that any algorithm of this kind admits a tropical analogue which can be used to solve mean payoff games. Moreover, any combinatorial simplex algorithm with a strongly polynomial complexity (the existence of such an(More)
Held and Karp have proposed, in the early 1970s, a relaxation for the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) as well as a branch-and-bound procedure that can solve small to modest-size instances to optimality [4, 5]. It has been shown that the Held-Karp relaxation produces very tight bounds in practice, and this relaxation is therefore applied in TSP solvers such(More)
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