Parviz Famouri

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The potential of using actin bundles for the transport of liposomes and single cells across myosin-coated surfaces is investigated. Compared to that observed with filamentous actin, the liposome transport using actin bundles was more linear in nature and able to occur over longer distances. Bundles, but not filamentous actin, were capable of moving single(More)
A practical method is presented for operation of an inverter-fed induction motor drive at the point of maximum efficiency while maintaining any particular torque-speed load point. The design and operation of an economical, microprocessor-based adaptive controller used to modify a commercially available six-step inverter for minimum loss operation of an(More)
In this brief a fault diagnostic unit is developed for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) by means of multiple model adaptive estimation technique. Fault modeling tools such as contamination and reliability analysis of microelectromechanical layout enabled interpretation of microsystems behavior by evaluating their structural variations and modeling them(More)
Multiple-model adaptive estimation (MMAE) is a well-known technique used for model matching of deterministic parameter systems. This technique can be used in fault diagnosis by allocating a model to each type of fault. In each contingency, the model that represents the behavior of the actual system can indicate the type of fault occurrence. Kalman filters(More)
The delicate structure of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) limits their reliability in cases of fault occurrence. Control systems can enhance their reliability of operation by providing fault robust systems. This paper illustrates a method for the safe operation of lateral comb resonators (LCR) under faulty conditions. Different types of fault are(More)
Lateral comb resonators (LCRs) theoretically possess a symmetric structure; therefore, the electrostatic force is effective only along the axis of displacement and is neutralized elsewhere. This force is not a function of the distance between the stationary and the moving (shuttle) plates in the direction of the movement. However, manufacturing(More)
Advanced communication technology is the enabling factor for distributed sensing and control in smart grid. The performance of communication has a significant effect on the performance of the controllers that manage a power system. This effect is more profound when transient level behavior and critical applications are concerned. In these cases, an(More)
Gelsolin regulates the dynamics of F-actin by binding to F-actin to sever and cap. In the present study, a novel approach is introduced to observe gelsolin activity through the coverage of surface-bound F-actin. Gelsolin was immobilized on streptavidin coated surface using biotinylation and, as a result, the interaction between gelsolin and F-actin was(More)
The emergence of distributed communication based control schemes in power systems emphasizes the need for a realistic power systems simulation tool that allows inclusion of communication components. Communication performance parameters like delay and loss in transfer of measurements and commands can affect the result of control and should be taken into(More)