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— In this paper, a new hybrid concept is proposed by analyzing the principle of the hybrid cryptography based on the combination of symmetric and message digesting. Moreover, the security and performance of the proposed concept will also estimate. In proposed concept we designed a new symmetric encryption algorithm and combine with SHA-1 message digesting(More)
Mobile Ad-hoc Network one of the prominent area for the researchers and practitioners in assorted domains including security, routing, addressing and many others. A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) refers to an autonomous group or cluster of mobile users that communicate over relatively bandwidth constrained wireless links. Mobile ad hoc network refers to the(More)
Understanding how functional lipid domains in live cell membranes are generated has posed a challenge. Here, we show that transbilayer interactions are necessary for the generation of cholesterol-dependent nanoclusters of GPI-anchored proteins mediated by membrane-adjacent dynamic actin filaments. We find that long saturated acyl-chains are required for(More)
Heterogeneous wireless networks (HWNs) integrate diverse and complementary wireless technologies to ensure seamless and uninterrupted service continuity for mobile users moving between different networks. Selecting the most optimal and promising network is main concern for overall network stability and user satisfaction. This paper presents UIVH (User(More)
Dichlorvos is a synthetic insecticide that belongs to the family of chemically related organophosphate (OP) pesticides. It can be released into the environment as a major degradation product of other OPs, such as trichlorfon, naled, and metrifonate. Dichlorvos exerts its toxic effects in humans and animals by inhibiting neural acetylcholinesterase. Chronic(More)
Tryptanthrin is a natural product which has been reported to have several medicinal properties. In this study, we tried to investigate the detailed molecular mechanism of its bromo analogue (TBr), a potent cytotoxic agent in the induction of cancer cell death. It was found that TBr primarily targets STAT3 and ERK signaling during the induction of apoptosis(More)
— World Wide Web is a rich source of information. It continues to expand in size and complexity with the increasing use of the internet and social media but how to retrieve relevant documents on the Web is becoming a challenge. In this paper there is discussion about the goals, challenges and importance of similarity functions in information retrieval in(More)
Clustering of spatial data in the presence of obstacles, facilitator and constraints has the very strong practical value, and becomes to an important research issue. Most of the existing spatial clustering algorithm in presence of obstacles and constraints can't cluster with irregular obstacles. In this paper a 3DCCOM Polygon Reduction Algorithm is(More)
Data Hiding is one of the challenging issues in the field of Network Security. Unlike cryptography, Steganography is used to hide the existence of secret message by embedding the message behind any cover object like image, text, audio, video files. Various authors proposed, various methods for hiding secret information behind gray scale images such as least(More)
Encryption is the widely used technique to offer security for video communication and considerable numbers of video encryption algorithms have been proposed. The paper explores the literature for already proposed video encryption algorithms with the focus on the working principle of already proposed video encryption schemes. This study is aimed to give(More)