Parvinder Singh

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Mobile Ad-hoc Network one of the prominent area for the researchers and practitioners in assorted domains including security, routing, addressing and many others. A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) refers to an autonomous group or cluster of mobile users that communicate over relatively bandwidth constrained wireless links. Mobile ad hoc network refers to the(More)
Heterogeneous wireless networks (HWNs) integrate diverse and complementary wireless technologies to ensure seamless and uninterrupted service continuity for mobile users moving between different networks. Selecting the most optimal and promising network is main concern for overall network stability and user satisfaction. This paper presents UIVH (User(More)
Data Hiding is one of the challenging issues in the field of Network Security. Unlike cryptography, Steganography is used to hide the existence of secret message by embedding the message behind any cover object like image, text, audio, video files. Various authors proposed, various methods for hiding secret information behind gray scale images such as least(More)
In this paper a novel image encryption scheme is presented based on Henon Chaotic System for color images in order to perform secure transmission of image. The proposed cipher provides good transposition and substitution properties by performing EX-OR operation and circular right bit shift operation. The security of image encryption is enhanced effectively.(More)
Clustering of spatial data in the presence of obstacles, facilitator and constraints has the very strong practical value, and becomes to an important research issue. Most of the existing spatial clustering algorithm in presence of obstacles and constraints can't cluster with irregular obstacles. In this paper a 3DCCOM Polygon Reduction Algorithm is(More)
In this paper, we have proposed parameterized security technique based on remote reference passing (RRP). RRP intrinsically works on the principle of transmitting the information or data in the form of reference at receiver side. RRP is most suitable technique to address security needs of video services while accessed/played through constrained devices(More)
The availability and ubiquity of different types of access networks is pushing everyone towards heterogeneous and interconnected core and access network technologies. Enforcing effective security schemes for packet capturing and no denial of service in heterogeneous wireless networks (HWN) is a challenging task for researchers. To overcome these challenges,(More)
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