Parvin Taheri

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Datacenter networks require efficient multi-path load balancing to achieve high bisection bandwidth. Despite much progress in recent years towards addressing this challenge, a load balancing design that is both simple to implement and resilient to network asymmetry has remained elusive. In this paper, we show that flowlet switching, an idea first proposed(More)
BACKGROUND Prematurity is the main cause of death in infants under one year of age and is the main reason for neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) hospitalization. The stressful environment of NICU exposes preterm infants to inappropriate stimuli. This study aimed to determine and compare the mean heart rate and oxygen saturation of premature infants before(More)
AIMS Mechanical ventilation is used for some infants in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) due to many physiological and clinical causes. Since these patients have endotracheal tubes, cleaning and keeping the airways open through suctioning should be done to increase oxygenation. This study aimed to evaluate effect of open and closed suctioning methods on(More)
BACKGROUND Acute lymphocytic leukemia is one of the common cancers of childhood and currently, 80 percent of these children survive more than 5 years by getting the right treatment. Since long-term treatment is painful and invasive, preventing the side effects and their influence on quality of life is an important issue which introduces consideration for(More)
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