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This paper reports on a study of crowd-sourcing the annotation of non-local (or implicit) frame-semantic roles, i.e., roles that are realized in the previous discourse context. We describe two annotation setups (marking and gap filling) and find that gap filling works considerably better, attaining an acceptable quality relatively cheaply. The produced data(More)
Implicit semantic role labeling, the task of retrieving locally unrealized arguments from wider discourse context, is a knowledge-intensive task. At the same time, the annotated corpora that exist are all small and scattered across different annotation frameworks, genres, and classes of predicates. Previous work has treated these corpora as incompatible(More)
This paper discusses the automatic identification of motion verbs. The context is the recovery of unrealized location roles from discourse context or " locational inference " , a special case of missing argument recovery. We first report on a small corpus study on verb classes for which location roles are particularly relevant. This includes motion,(More)
CONTEXT Insomnia is one of the most prevalent sleep disorders characterized by sleep difficulty that impairs daily functioning and reduces quality of life. The burden of medical, psychiatric, interpersonal, and societal consequences of insomnia expresses the importance of diagnosing and treatment of insomnia. The aim of study was to investigate causes of(More)
This study examines the effect of non-sentential context prosody pattern on lexical activation in Persian. For this purpose a questionnaire including target and non-target words is used. The target words are homographs with two possible stress patterns belonging to different syntactic categories. Participants are asked to read out the words aloud and note(More)
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