Parvin Moyassari

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We construct deformations of general relativity that are consistent and phenomenologically viable, since they respect, in particular, cosmological backgrounds. These deformations have unique symmetries in accordance with their Minkowski cousins (Fierz-Pauli theory for massive gravitons) and incorporate a background curvature induced self-stabilizing(More)
We demonstrate the capabilities of nonlinear Volterra models to simulate the behavior of an audio system and compare them to linear filters. In this paper a nonlinear model of an audio system based on Volterra series is presented and Normalized Least Mean Square algorithm is used to determine the Volterra series to third order. Training data for the models(More)
In the present work we show that planetary mean distances can be calculated through considering the Weyl geometry. We interpret the Weyl gauge field as a vector field associated with the hypercharge of the particles and apply the gauge concept of the Weyl geometry. The results obtained are shown to agree with the observed orbits of all the planets and of(More)
In this paper we consider a Z2 symmetrical 3-brane embedded in a 5-dimensional spacetime. We study the effective Einstein equation and acceleration condition in presence of the quintom dark energy fluid as the bulk matter field. It is shown that the time-dependent bulk quintom field induces a time-dependent cosmological constant on the brane. In the(More)
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