Parvez Singh Slathia

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African trypanosomiasis continues to be a major health problem, with more adults dying from this disease world-wide. As the sequence diversity of Trypanosoma brucei is extreme, with VSGs having 15-25% identity with most other VSGs, hence it displays a huge diversity of adaptations and host specificities. Therefore the need for an improved vaccine has become(More)
Nocardia sp. was isolated from an exotic soil of the northwestern Himalayas and was capable of selectively cleaving the side chain of sterols (cholesterol and phytosterol) yielding androstane steroids, in the presence of a hydrophobic metal chelating agent, after an incubation period of 24 h. Nocardia sp. was identified on the basis of morphological and(More)
Chikungunya virus has emerged as an epidemic with widespread distribution. With no vaccine available for chikungunya efforts are required for vaccine development. Structural polyprotein of this virus was analysed for the presence of conserved T and B cell epitopes. Using bioinformatics tools the epitope prediction was done and the predicted epitopes were(More)
Pesticides are an integral part of present Indian agriculture which has shifted its course from sustenance to commercial character. This has resulted in exposing cereal crops to regular use of pesticides even in remote districts of the country. However, cereals now are also exposed to pesticide use. Indian pesticide market is the 12 th largest in the world(More)
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