Parvez Ahmad

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The objective of this investigation was to evaluate subjective fatigue versus subjective sleepiness as independent consequences of sleep disorders. Furthermore, we tried to explore how these symptoms relate to alertness, depressive symptoms and illness intrusiveness. In a prospective observational study, 283 sleep-disordered patients referred to a(More)
Human serum albumin (HSA), the most abundant plasma protein, is quite vulnerable to oxidizing and nitrating agents. In this study, peroxynitrite induced nitration and oxidation of HSA was assessed by various physicochemical techniques. Cross-linking of HSA was evident on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The carbonyl content was markedly elevated in(More)
Peroxynitrite is formed in biological systems when nitric oxide and superoxide rapidly interact at near equimolar ratio. Peroxynitrite, though not a free radical by chemical nature, is a powerful oxidant which reacts with proteins, DNA and lipids. These reactions trigger a wide array of cellular responses ranging from subtle modulations of cell signaling to(More)
DNA damage is one of the leading causes of various pathological conditions including carcinogenesis. Crotonaldehyde is a 4-carbon unsaturated bifunctional aldehyde which is found ubiquitously and produced both exogenously and endogenously. It reacts with deoxyguanosine and form adducts with DNA. These adducts were detected and found involved in tumor(More)
Hyperglycemia is the defining feature of diabetes mellitus. The persistently high levels of reducing sugars like glucose and fructose cause glycation of various macromolecules in the body. Human serum albumin (HSA), the most abundant serum protein with a myriad of functions, is prone to glycation and consequent alteration in its structural and biological(More)
Peroxynitrite is a potent oxidizing and nitrating agent and has in vivo existence. Several studies have shown the damaging role of this molecule in biological system. Human serum albumin (HSA), being most abundant plasma protein, is easily targeted by different oxidizing and nitrating agents. Free radicals increase the onset of different cancers as evident(More)
This study analyzed the information seeking behaviour of the teachers and students at College of Engineering, King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this study, data collected from 150 teachers and students by administering questionnaires on their information seeking and requirements of the College of Engineering, indicates that guidance(More)
The effects of fourteen sterols on the NMR spectra of liposomes derived from egg yolk phosphatidylcholines were studied by continuous-wave and Fourier-transform measurements at 60 MHz. Sterols were compared for their ability to broaden the acyl methylene resonances of phosphatidylcholine, when incorporated into liposomes at 25% molar ratio. The ratio of the(More)