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Platinum nanoparticles prepared in reverse micelles have been used as catalysts for the electron transfer reaction between hexacyanoferrate(III) and thiosulfate ions. Nanoparticles of average diameter ranging between 10 and 80 nm have been used as catalysts. The kinetic study of the catalytic reaction showed that for a fixed mass of catalyst the catalytic(More)
Titanium dioxide nanoparticles prepared in water-in-oil microemulsion droplets by controlled hydrolysis of TiCl(4)-generated crystalline nanoparticles of sizes from 115 nm down to 6 nm diameter depending on the size of the aqueous core of the micellar droplets. Powder X-ray diffraction of the vacuum-dried product (without sintering) indicated the presence(More)
A new and sensitive procedure for the graphite furnace-atomic absorption spectrophotometric (GF-AAS) determination of Pd in soil at nanogram level is described. The method is based on prior separation and enrichment of the metal as Pd(II)-SnCl3- -N-butylacetamide (BAA) complex into 1-pentanol (PN) by solvent extraction method. The value of the molar(More)
Technology for utilization of seabuckthorn berries for preparation of fruit leather/bar was optimized by modifying the foam mat drying technique. The conversion of seabuckthorn juice/pulp into foam was standardized by whipping the pulp after addition of CMC @ 0-3% at 5 °C and drying the resultant foam in dehydrator (55 ± 2 °C) to a moisture content of about(More)
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